an ode to birth photography

We spent our Fourth of July painting our house and trying to keep Ro out of trouble. Standing on my bare feet for three days straight has been rough.  I usually sit at a desk all day so I can admit my feet don't get this kind of action often.  The last time my feet ached like this was when I was in labor.  I had a very long labor that lasted for over 24 hours.  I spent most of that time at home and the only way to get through it was by standing and walking around.  I don't think I sat down for at least 8 hours.  Before I caved and eventually got an epidural, I was pacing my hospital room in a gown and vans sneakers because I couldn't take my shoes off.  

All this to say, it reminded me of my labor and one of my favorite things that came from it (other than Ro, of course), which was our birth photos.  Bobby's sister had one of her friends who is a photographer take photos of all three of her childbirths.  Each time, I thought they were so amazing, so special.  It was something Bobby and I decided on doing before I ever got pregnant.  I didn't understand before it happened to me, but labor is an all consuming experience.  It's hard to focus on and remember all the details, and we wanted someone to be there to capture everything that we couldn't. 

We asked our good friend and amazing photographer Kelly Cummings of Spindle Photography if she would be interested.  She primarily does weddings and engagements, including ours, but we asked anyway because we have always been so comfortable with her.  We are forever grateful for her capturing these images.  

***We haven't shared these with many people because I am self-conscious.  In these photos, I was past due, huge and was really down on my appearance.  I am barely 5 feet tall, so when I gain 50 pounds (yes, I said 50), you see it.  In my defense, my OBGYN wanted me to gain weight and never told me that I was unhealthy, and 10 months later, it's almost all gone.  So here is me embracing my pregnant state and asking you to be kind.

This is one of our favorite images of Ro.  Just born, so tiny and slightly weary about being out in the world. We also like to think he was looking for us :)  

We had hundreds of images, but chose a few of our favorites below.  You can click the first image in the gallery and scroll through to view the rest. 

We love these images because they follow our experience.  From waiting to pushing to seeing him for the first time. Having photos of what we looked like when we saw our son for the first time is something we'll never get over.  

Having someone witness your labor and baby's childbirth is significant.   It requires a level of trust and comfort that is necessary for the entire experience.  I know a lot of people aren't comfortable with the idea.  If you are even a little bit interested, do some research.  There are some amazing birth photographers out there.  If you are concerned about the possible intrusion of another person or a camera, take it from us that it's insignificant within the whole experience. I don't think either of us even remembered that someone else was in the room or that someone was taking our photo. Ultimately, any hesitation we may have had was outweighed by the idea of having these moments captured forever.  

If you have any questions about our experience with birth photography, please leave us comments. It is something we could talk about for hours! :)