Ro at 3 months.  Photo by  Spindle Photography.  

Ro at 3 months.  Photo by Spindle Photography. 

We are a family of three with what we feel is a unique voice and vision in the crazy world of parenting and raising a family. We created this site as an outlet to share our parenting experiences and our interests in everything from dessert to matching pajamas.  We are, Claire, an attorney, and Bobby, currently the world's best stay-at-home dad. We have a beautiful little boy, Ro, who is the center of our lives.  We have a bit of a non-traditional set up, at least in terms of where we live in the South, but we have found that it really works for us right now in our lives. Hence, "days with dad."  This site isn't solely focused on the working mom/stay-at-home dad situation, however it is a prevalent part of our everyday lives and gave us the inspiration to share our experiences.

We hope we provide a fun, inspiring, unique resource to you and your current or future family.