small house solutions: photos

We have a small (but cozy!!) house.  It's quite compact, so we are all nice and close most of the time.  In addition to being tiny, it also has some odd angles.  There are some weird wall placements and ceiling slopes.  From a design standpoint, it creates some difficulty with furniture and art placement.  We have lived in this house since 2014, and it seems like we are still figuring out solutions to make our tiny home feel more spacious and attractive.  

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on guilt and learning to be imperfect

Last week was rough for me (Claire) in terms of work.  It left me longing for time at home with my guys.  Whenever I have a tough work week, I wallow in it.  I'm tired, I'm moody, I'm selfish and I'm far from my best self.  I tend to focus on what I'm missing and my failures as a mother.  It's definitely not always rational, but I think all women can understand.  

On Monday, Ro had a scratch on his nose.  He sleeps with his hands by his face, so we knew it was from his fingernails.  I told Bobby I would clip his fingernails during our bedtime routine. Of course, I forgot.  On Tuesday, Ro had a couple of more scratches on his nose.  I said I would definitely clip his fingernails that night.  You can guess, I forgot again.

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an ode to birth photography

We spent our Fourth of July painting our house and trying to keep Ro out of trouble. Standing on my bare feet for three days straight has been rough.  I usually sit at a desk all day so I can admit my feet don't get this kind of action often.  The last time my feet ached like this was when I was in labor.  I had a very long labor that lasted for over 24 hours.  I spent most of that time at home and the only way to get through it was by standing and walking around.  I don't think I sat down for at least 8 hours.  Before I caved and eventually got an epidural, I was pacing my hospital room in a gown and vans sneakers because I couldn't take my shoes off.  

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Here we are.

We originally decided to start this blog several months ago, when Ro was about 4 months old (hence the February date above).  In between then and now, so much life happened.  This little idea was pushed aside, and we had so many excuses.  I also had some fears.  What if no one reads this?  What if no one cares?  Why did I want to do this again?  Lots of self-doubt that basically made me pause.  But over the past few weeks, I haven't stopped thinking about this little blog we made and all the things we want to share with the world.  I see friends and people I don't even know trying new things every day without worrying what people think or prematurely deciding that they will fail. I decided it was time to go for it. Who cares if two people read this?  Who cares if some people think this is silly?  Who cares if sometimes life might get in the way?  We want to share our experience and have a creative outlet and that is enough. 

 I wrote the text below back in February (with some necessary updates). I was proud of it then, and I still am.  So here we are and here is to letting go of unnecessary anxiety and fear! 


Meet Ro, our beautiful, nine-month-old baby boy.

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